Dubz will be closing at the end of July

  • Provide a brick and mortar store that is committed to selling the high quality skate and bike products at a low price. – Check mark
  • Provide a store that is focused on selling the products to support the skate and bike industry, not the clothing and shoe industry. – Check mark
  • Provide the best possible customer service a customer can experience. – Check mark
  • Provide an environment that is fun, outgoing, comfortable and safe for our customers and their families. – Check mark
  • Support the local skaters and skate community. – Check mark
  • Support and sponsor up coming local skateboard, and bike talent. – Check mark


These are some of the goals we came up with when we decided to open Dubz Bikes and Boards. We had a plan to provide some of the best customer service our customers have ever seen and set the bar so high, other Skate shops wouldn’t be able to compete with.

We planned and accomplished having the largest inventory of Longboards, skateboards, and accessories in South Eastern Michigan. Again, setting the bar so high, other shops had to jump on board or close up shop.


Along with meeting and exceeding these goals at Dubz over the past few years, we also set our eyes on reversing a ridiculous ordinance the village had in place against skateboarding in the village limits. Once again, we met our goal with the village re-writing the ordinance.


Unfortunately the time has come and our lease on our building as came to an end. After many discussions we don’t feel that we would be able to benefit from another location. With the old saying, all good things must come to an end; we need to announce the closing of Dubz Bikes and Boards at the end of July.


With this being said, we need to thank the wonderful people we have met and became very close friends to our family, thank you. To the parents of the kids who supported us…thank you. To each and every customer we have come in contact with and supported us…thank you.

We look forward seeing the young and not so young residence of Oxford enjoying their products they have purchased from Dubz. You will always have a special place in our hearts. To our wonderful kids, Sky and Jade, thank you for supporting mom and dad’s dream.


For now, thank you for everything.


Chris and Jackie Werth

(Papa and Mama Dubz)

New winter hours at Dubz

Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Open, Thursday and Friday from noon to 6:30pm

Saturday, Noon to 6:00pm

If you are in need of assistance on a day we are closed, please contact us at 248-969-5986 and we will attempt to accommodate you the best we can.


Dubz is your new home for Pro Scooters and accessories.

scooterWe now carry complete Pro Scooters and accessories from Grit, Lucky, Madd Gear, GHP, Crisp, Dominator, and District.  Come down and check out all the great 2014 models.